The Seven Utterances of Christ on the Cross
A Guide to Living Rightly and Ascension
                        by Rev. Cowden

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About the Author

    Rev. Marc G. Cowden is the President, and one of the ministers, at the Spirit of the Lotus Church & School of Wisdom, an inter-faith church headquartered in Northern California which welcomes people of all religious faiths and backgrounds and teaches universal law and principle.


     Mr. Cowden graduated from Princeton University in 1989, and subsequently spent a year as a VISTA Volunteer (the domestic version of the Peace Corps) where he created and supervised a program to assist low-income seniors.  He thereafter attended Santa Clara University School of Law graduating in 1993.  Mr. Cowden is a partner with a law firm in Northern California, and he has been a minister since 2001.


     Mr. Cowden’s inspiration for his booklet came first from his love of Christ.  In addition, there is a special service offered at the Spirit of the Lotus every Easter Sunday, which is dedicated to the 7 Utterances.  Over the years, these special services not only enhanced Mr. Cowden’s appreciation for the last words of Christ, but his understanding of them as well.


     In his free time, Mr. Cowden enjoys surfing, listening to classic rock and classical music, and spending time with his family and dogs.